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Our 60 ton Jerr-Dan rotator is one of the LARGEST in the state of Wyoming! Together our certified operators paired with this monster is unstoppable! With the lifting capabilites, we can load, unload, and recover anything that stands in our way! 

medium duty

This is our 4x4 Ram 5500 12 ton equipped wrecker. It is issued with down riggers, 12 thousand pound winches, and ready to do the impossible! This unit is our go to for off-road recovery and will RAM it's way into the competition!

Hook Truck.jpg
Heavy Doing Work
Heavy Duty

heavy duty

For our 35 ton Jerr-dan, there isn't much it CAN'T do! With state of the art equipment, we can handle anything from a tow to any recovery thrown our way!


Here are some of the newest additions to the rollback fleet. We strive to have some of the best equipment available in today's market!

Helping out some Hunters.jpg

& More!

We also have additional equipment available. Including a skidsteer (with a sweeper, bucket, and forks attachments), 53 ft trail-ez trailer & tractor, dump trailer, 35 ft gooseneck trailer, and MORE!!!

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